The MOSQUITO NIGHT performance project, conceived and written by Christine Watkins in collaboration with biologist Dr Angela Priestman, explored the past and present struggle to combat malaria.

It culminated in a cross-discipline performance lecture, song cycle (composer Mary Keith) and installation (artist Emily Campbell) at The Courtyard Studio, Hereford, 4th – 9th February 2008.

WE NOTE WITH SADNESS the sudden passing of Professor Chris Curtis in May 2008

Professor Curtis was generous with his time and thoughtful in the practical help and advice he gave us with the Mosquito Night project.  We were fortunate indeed to be advised by someone so experienced and highly regarded in the field of malaria control.

To read more about the work of Professor Curtis, please visit

Chris Curtis at the London School of Tropical Medicine

Listen to the soundpiece containing sections of interviews with Professor Curtis that we carried out whilst researching Mosquito Night here